Mens Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid or an adult because everyone is supposed to make the best out of Halloween. Whether you’re in your 10s or 50s, you should be looking for Halloween costumes to wear far prior to the actual occasion!

Searching for the perfect Halloween costume can be a tedious and exhausting task. Well, that’s where we at Dublin Costume Shop come into play! We understand that physically going to markets and shopping for your Halloween costume can be very tiring. Therefore, we provide you a solution to this by enabling you to shop for Halloween costumes at our online shop! All you have to do is choose a costume at our online store and then order it while sitting in the comfort of your own home. 

We have a wide variety of Halloween costumes for men ranging from the legendary Jack Sparrow Costume to the ninja costume to the very innovative donkey rider costume. Whether you’re a dad in your late 50s who just wants to have some fun with the family or you’re an adult in your early 20s who’s looking for a sexy costume to impress the ladies, we’ve got you covered! Our wide variety of costumes for men has all kinds of costumes ranging from funny to scary to sexy.

Our costumes come in five different sizes for you to choose from, including small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large so that you can easily get a costume that fits you well.

All of our costumes are made of high-quality material that is highly resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, they’ll last you for years to come!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Halloween costume from Dublin Costume Shop and enjoy your Halloween!

#1 Banana Costume:

When it comes to men’s Halloween Costumes this banana costume make your friends roll on the floor laughing! This funny Banana costume is guaranteed to give you a fun Halloween night out. It will bring life to the event and will let people give you the appreciation candy as you play a great part in being the life of the party. With this funny twist of a costume, you can have a great night and stand out from the others in a good way.


#2 Grim Reaper Costume:

Turn into the worst nightmare of all, this Grim Reaper costume is a terrifying bit of outfit and is ideal for this coming Halloween. What you get in the container is a silver waist belt, a spooky mask, headpiece, a black dress, and leotard/onesie. This outfit comes in a single size that fits everyone. This costume gives off a very scary vibe that can scare a lot of innocent kids away but it will probably increase the charm of the scary part of Halloween. You can even get a scared scream out of a few people and impress them with your effortlessly scary costume and get a bunch of delicious candies.


#3 Donkey Rider Costume:

This funny Donkey Rider costume is an old traditional Halloween costume. This box for this comical costume contains the dress and pump, so you can fill it up with air and make it look like you’re riding an actual donkey.  You can accessorise this costume with a cowboy hat to give it a funky and southern look. This will surely make many people laugh and will help you earn compliments and treats while you impress others with the creative idea of this costume. You can also cheer up some kids with this costume and make their night better.


#4 Ninja Costume:

This Ninja costume is perfect for a sneaky yet fun Halloween night. The stretchy material of this entirely black suit will allow you to show off your extraordinary ninja skills or even scare the life out of people with the sneaky moves. You can impress many people with this creative and unique idea. This costume is available in many sizes for everyone to enjoy. To make it look more interesting and realistic, you can add a fake sword or some other ninja related weapons. You can also search for a few ninja moves to earn a few compliments and enjoy your Halloween night in a creepy ninja way.